Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning is a book that tells you how many people starts their days with a fixed routine.

I learned about The Miracle Morning in Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income Podcast, session 150.
The idea of starting your day always the same way, early, and motivated is very inspirational.

Pat tells us that it has helped him grow and have more energy. I can relate, I did went to run a couple of time early in the morning and I felt great. Like everything was possible that day, more motivated.

Adding to the Miracle Morning the Five Minutes Journal, I think would help me to set a point where to go. Gives a small, possible To Do List to complete in the day.

So, I should schedule myself a morning, a Miracle Morning. But I don't know were to start, read the book, start a Five Minutes Journal, build a fitness program, or ...

I will try to learn how to start that and I will write more about it.

Happy learning.