Moving to WordPress

I'm trying the big league stuff: WordPress.
Harder to configure, because there are a lot of options, but theoretically more versatile.

So, if you want more posts, they will be available on my new site: Learning everyday

Yesterday, I have been learning WordPress, and today, I will be learning WordPress...

Happy Learning.


Writing: Content Strategy

I just started a course called: Content Strategy for Thought Leaders

This course is to teach people to build a framework to help them write what they like. Fiction, non-fiction, blog, essay, books or simply become a thought leaders in their area of expertise.

I started this course because I do think it will help me become a better thought leader in my area (professionally, being able to write better technical documents), and enhance my hobby of writing.

I did start a lot of writing project but never completed any. This blog is one of them, and for now I still doing it. That's a beginning, but not the first. I did start the same things a couple years ago with another blog, that became a photo blog; And I didn't post any photos for 3 years. Or thoses about my experience with my Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle repairs, or my house construction. But now I just started again. Hopefully this course with help me motivate myself to make it work and be know has a thought leader.

So, I'm still learning, learning to be better at what I like. And after the first session, I figured out that what I like is teaching. Learn, simplify, optimize and teach.

I wish I could find a software or process to teach. As Joseph Michael did for Scrivener, I need to open my eyes to the opportunities. The Mind Mapping exercise did open my eyes to some opportunities, I need to work on them. Maybe a recipe book, a video training on website management for volunteer in sport organisation (Soccer moms, Hockey moms, or even dads), Business Intelligence design, Ruby programming, developing BeagleBone Black projects or database administration.

Happy learning.


The Writer Life

I found out about this website from like on the Scrivener Coach and Jeff Goins.

The Writer Life

There's a lot of article for writers. How to get published, How to manage a freelance career, and much more.
There's a lot of content of this web site and it's a very good ressource if you want to become a writer or want to publish a book.

 Happy reading and learning.


TED Talk: Architecture of the future

This TEDTalk it very impressive. I always loved architecture, and Marc Kushner tells us a bit why some building have special shapes. And why the newer building usually are better looking then the 80-90's buildings.

Why the buildings of the future will be shaped by ... you

This presentation is very informative and inspiring. I just want to call an architect and build a new house.
But, I'll wait a couple of years for that...

Happy learning, and get inspired!


Proton Mail

Our e-mail are not truly private anymore, or have they ever been private?
In this TEDTalk, Andy Yen compares our e-mail to postcards. I do like this analogy.

Think your email's private? Think again

His talk is very accessible, and I do think that anybody could understand the concepts.

So I went to the Proton Mail site and got on the waiting list.

I'll make a post to let you know how much time it took.

Happy learning.


School of Greatness: Adam Grant

I heard this guy on the School of Greatness podcast.

Give and Take: The Revolutionary Path to Success

I do like the idea of the personality types: Givers, Matchers and Takers.
If I look at my past, I would be a mix of giver and matcher. And it has given me great projects and great opportunity.

So I added his book on my "To Read" list:


How your old mobile could save the rain forest

Topher White and his team got a very good idea, and it can even inspire other projects in other parts of the world. It's a cellphone recycling project, but it started out to be a save the forest project.
But looking at the ressources available, they found that old cellphone could solve their problem.

What can save the rainforest? Your used cell phone

This project inspires me ideas that somebody could do to recycle more old cellphone like:
- anti-theft device
- house alarms
- pool alarm sensor
- rodent detection
And much more.

This TEDTalk is very inspiring.

Happy learning.