The power of open data

This TEDTalk shows the power of big data and open data combined.

How we found the worst place to park in New York City — using big data

As a BI Expert, I do work with a lot of data, and sometimes, visualizing the data can help us understand some aspect of the data. But with big data, you have much more data. And with open data  you can have even more data from the government authorities.
And this is were the dream begins.

Imagine a city were you could have all the data that is possible to have (without the sensitive information of each persons). You could understand something that usually doesn't make sense like:
- grocery shortage VS weather
- restaurant busyness VS traffic jam
- weather VS sickness
And much more.

A part of Artificial Intelligence called Deep Learning is using a lot of data to find trend that the humans have not yet found. We could learn a lot about ourself using some of those techniques together.

Happy learning.