Affiliate Links

On Pat Flynn's Podcast SmartPassiveIncome.com in the session 15, he talks about how to make money with a online.
One of the way that I'll be trying now is the Affiliate Links. It's not an easy way, since the users of your site needs to click on your links, so you need to have traffic on your site before that could be profitable. But you need to start somewhere so I subscribed to the Amazon.ca Affiliate, so I could try that.

Amazon.ca is great because you can promote almost any product. So this is a good way to start in the passive income world.

And I added the affiliate links to the Scrivener Coach post. Since Scrivener is a tool that I like and I do think that it's very powerful, but like Photoshop, the tools is very complex and training is not a bad idea.

Happy learning.