The funny science of "What if"

Those "what if" are funny. But this guy is pushing it to the extreme. It becomes extremely funny.
I heared about him in an article a couple of years ago.

And now, I just watched this TedTalksComics that ask "what if?"

In the TedTalks he talks about this post Relativistic Baseball.

When I was a teen, I did like to do the same. But I gave up doing it, for I don't know why?
Ok, I didn't do it to this point.

So Randall Munroe has develop a good company, this is what I would like to do. I'm just trying to find a good project.

This is a way to learn, trying to figure out what could happen, does make your brain goes into hyperdrive.
Just like trying to figure out how Santa could manage to stop at every house in the world in 24 hours.

Randall Munroe has a couple of books now:

Happy learning.