How to stimulate Innovation

This Ted Talks from Linda Hill is very inspiring.

Called "How to manage for collective creativity", I would have called it « How to stimulate Innovation »

How to manage for collective creativity

She talks about what the innovative companies and persons have in common. What to change in the management to help the lower levels of the hierarchy of the company to bring forward the innovative idea. Or has she says so that everybody can bring their slice of genius.

She has a book called Collective Genius: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation that is now on my "To Read list".

I have seen some managers that can bring a team to makes real progress, and managers that have problem bringing a team from point A to B. Has she says: "understands that our role as leaders is to set the stage, not perform on it". I do think that some leaders try to get on the stage and they create a shadow so big that the slice of genius the team could bring is obscured by the manager.

This is a great idea to spread and to think about, so we could bring more innovation to the world. And have a better world.

Happy Learning.